Michael Portal


Graduate Student at Texas A&M. Enjoys critical theory, aesthetics, and pastrami on rye.


Pursuing a PhD in Philosophy at Texas A&M University (2018-).

I am the Teaching Assistant for PHIl/ENGR 482, “Ethics and Engineering.”

M.A., French Studies, American College of the Mediterranean, 2018 B.A., Philosophy and Policy Studies, Rice University, 2017

My MA thesis at ACM, Des Grottes aux camps : une non-histoire du rire juif , was under the direction of Michel Lantelme.

My Senior thesis at Rice, Martin Heidegger’s Critique of Technology and Modern Education, was under the direction of Steven Crowell.

My work primarily reflects my interest in the following fields:

You can find out more about my professional and academic work at

You can contact me at michaelportal @ tamu.edu.

I live in College Station, Texas.

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